Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures


Here at Elizabeth City Dental, implant dentures are a great way improve your diet, enjoyment of food, and self confidence.  If your dentures are loose or fall out causing social embarrassment, or if you simply would like to chew better, an implant denture can greatly improve the way your dentures feel.  For the staff at Elizabeth City Dental, the implant denture procedure is one that we enjoy providing because we know implant dentures will improve you quality of life by increasing your enjoyment of food as well as giving you a great smile.  We have many patients who can eat foods they haven't eaten in years.

Here are some examples.

 The implants protrude slightly from the gum.  This type of implant denture works for patients who have been wearing a regular denture well but want a little more security with the fit.  If you have been struggling with the fit of your denture due to poor gum or jaw bone height, this type will not work for you.  Also, a 2-implant denture like this is only for the lower teeth.  Cost $$

 implants sit above gum

The inside of the denture has attachments that snap onto the protruding implant

 For patients who have struggled to get their denture to fit due to shrinkage of the jaw bone, the below example will provide the needed support and security.  This denture has 4 implants in the jaw bone and a rigid connecting bar between the implants.  On the top of the bar you can see the snap fittings sticking up.  Cost $$$$$

Image result for bar overdenture



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